Sports Card Collecting Made Fun – A Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Optimizer Mobile App Review – A Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Optimizer Mobile App Review

Fantasy sports contest entries not performing as planned? Building lineups alone currently feel more like a burden then a blessing? In today's data driven, mobile world, gaining an edge in any task is often aided by the assistance of technology and daily fantasy sports is the perfect example of this. That’s why mobile app lineup optimizers like OptiLine's version of the concept are becoming a necessity to compete at the highest levels of daily fantasy sports.

What does this mean for you? While the daily fantasy sports market is now saturated with tip websites and online “gurus,” it does not mean all DFS analytics and insights are equal. Lineup optimizers are designed to help users build high performing daily fantasy sports lineups on a daily and weekly basis through powerful features and functions. Smartphones, software platforms and app engines are now merging the gaps between human expertise and computer data driven neuroscience which is exactly what has done with their mobile daily fantasy sports lineup optimizer and analytics app. More than just an analytical tool, the OptiLine app is a daily fantasy sports tool that specializes in advanced algorithms and deep data dissection. Let’s review the features and functions that make OptiLine the future of lineup optimization.

Lineup Optimizer Feature #1: OptiLine DFS – Built To Optimize

The OptiLine lineup optimizer leverages a next level mathematical solver engine to deliver optimal lineups quickly to your mobile device. Settings toggles allow you to specify platform (FanDuel or DraftKings), projection data source (such as CBS Sports, Yahoo Sports, NFL.Com and others) and game slate (i.e. Sun 1:00, Sun 4:00, Primetime, etc.)

Lineup Optimizer Feature #2: OptiLine DFS – Lock & Load

Allows for personal player selections to combine with optimized projections. The OptiLine lineup optimizer runs through thousands of simulations to strategically design the most optimal team around your personally locked player picks.

Lineup Optimizer Feature #3: OptiLine – DFS Player Exclusion
Don't want a certain player in your optimized lineups? The OptiLine app can exclude them with the swipe of a button. Once the player “Exclude” button is tapped, they will be excluded from all optimized lineups you create for the event of choice.

Lineup Optimizer Feature #4: OptiLine – DFS Player Metrics

OptiLine displays vital player metrics such as ORK (Opponent's Rank), $/Pt (Cost per Projected Point) and Proj (projected points) to help guide questionable decisions. The metrics can be sorted for desired order as well, giving even greater functionality and meaning to the data.

Lineup Optimizer Feature #5: OptiLine – DFS Lineup Management

OptiLine lets you save and manipulate as many lineups as you want for the current fantasy week. It can even email you an export file of your saved lineups that you can use to easily import into your fantasy system of choice.

Lineup Optimizer Feature #6: OptiLine – DFS Injury Tracking

At the beginning of each NFL week, OptiLine provides you a weekly player injury report via a push notification and also notifications to inform you of player injury status changes as they occur during the week. Injury alerts and appropriate lineup changes allow users to react and take action based on injury reports proactively and dynamically.

Lineup Optimizer Feature #7: OptiLine –DFS Multi Data Channel Sourcing

From CBS Sports, Yahoo Sports, NFL.Com and more, the options for data sourcing, extraction and optimization abound on the OptiLine mobile daily fantasy sports app. Select your most trusted source of information and watch the app build you a lineup based upon your personal data preferences.

Free to try, OptiLine is the next generation of daily fantasy sports mobile lineup optimizers and analytics apps. Daily fantasy sports projected picks, player injury reporting, statistics, opponent rankings, player value analysis and lineup optimizations are just some of the DFS analytical options offered by OptiLine. If you are hoping to take your daily fantasy sports to new heights, you will certainly want to give OptiLine a free test run. What are you waiting for? Download the OptiLine app for the iPhone or Android phone and start the journey and adventure of building daily fantasy sports lineups giving you the analytical edge you need to rise above the competition. Your daily fantasy sports advantage is waiting.

You can learn more about the OptiLine app at which also has app download links for iPhone and Android phone.